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Music Lessons

We teach over 200 students every week.

Fully equipped rehearsal spaces, ready to go when you are.

Radio ready tracks produced, mixed, and mastered.

Rehearsal Spaces


Music Lessons

Music is an integral part of everyone's day to day lives. Listening to music can brighten your mood, give you that extra boost or simply help you unwind after a long day. 

Playing an instrument however can give you all this and so much more. Mastering an instrument can give you a life interest, whether you're 6 or 76. That's why at Melody Music Rooms our teachers  offer you the best course of music lessons to help you achieve your musical potential, not to mention adding in the fun factor into your lessons. We currently have 7 teachers covering over 11 different musical instruments for you to learn and enjoy, so why not give it a go!


Our Teachers


We're very proud to be a part of the ever growing music community in Grantham. Working with us are some of Granthams finest local music teachers, covering a wide range of instruments. 

All our teachers have many years of experience in and around the music industry, and specialise in helping students achieve their musical potential.

                                                        Meet the Teachers below!


At Melody

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Trinity Rock & Pop

Here at Melody, we feel very fortunate to host the Trinity Rock & Pop exams throughout the year.

The Rock & Pop exams for Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, and vocals are aimed at giving musicians real songs, skills, and progress whilst also adding the "fun factor" into making music. 

Here's what Trinity have to say:


Play the music you love with a huge range of hit songs spanning all contemporary styles. Choose your set list from the eight songs in the new graded songbooks, play a song of your own choice, or perform one you've written yourself.


Develop the improvisation and playback session skills that professional musicians need. Showcase your technical skills in a real-life context through the technical focus songs, and demonstrate your ability to deliver a compelling live performance.


Achieve your goals with an externally regulated and internationally recognised qualification. Trust the 140-year heritage Trinity brings to contemporary music, and benefit from marks and comments on your performance from Trinity's expert examiners.


The Melody Music, Build A Band workshops are a speciality of ours. Inspired by our experiences gained by extensive touring and live gigs, we aim to deliver an interactive course of workshops to help students gain confidence and musicianship on the stage.

Our workshops span over a 3 (sometimes 4) days. We try to include every opportunity available to a professional musician and artist currently working in the music industry. Students are put into groups based on their skill level and given 2 songs to develop. the days are organised as follows:

Days one and two:

45 minutes individual tuition with your mentor learning the song. Looking deeper into technique to help develop your skills.

45 minutes with your band group with mentors helping you with band communication, stage presence and playing with confidence.

Day three:
Tracking and recording.
Individually track your parts in our professional recording studio. See how your track is produced, mixed and mastered (you get a physical copy of your band tracks.)

Day four.

Subject to the workshop, we sometimes put on a showcase to finalise the workshop. This is a live event infront of a live audience so students can experience playing a real gig and put their skills to the ultimate test.


At Melody

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Top Floor, 8 & 9 Westgate, Grantham

NG31 6LT


Our studio's are open as follows:


Monday - Friday 9am - 10 pm

Saturday - 9am - 8pm

Sunday - Subject to availability 


Ready to book a session? 


Call us on 07738338301

& we’ll get you rolling

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